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Lazy man

On the Sunday noon, after a sumptuous lunch and a brief blast from my spouse on all my ill-habits, including smoking drinking and not doing any physical exercise, I was lazying around,  pondering over the world problems. Suddenly some inner revelation turned me pragmatic. I realized, I shouldn’t care a rat’s race at this phase of life.

  • If walking and jogging could extend the lives of the people, The Postman would have been immortal.

  • The whale eats fish and drinks water. Still it is one of the fattiest living being.

  • The rabbit runs and hops all through its life. yet, it lives for only 15 years.

  • On the contrary, the tortoise lazies aroud doing nothing, and yet, it’s 150 years of birthday is celebrated in Berlin zoo.

tortoiseDo you still want me to do exercise? Rather, grant me the senility to gorget and ignore those whom I just don’t like, and be with them all my life, whom I do.

See you on my 85th year of birthday.

-Ganguly , Bangalore


2 Responses

  1. Shruthi says:

    Wow!!! 😀

  2. Ghouse says:

    What a thinking…. I completely mesmerised with the words. After reading this, now I am thinking whether our efforts of exercising will really help or not.

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